Ten things I love about Cairns


Cairns is such a favorite destination for millions of visitors each year – and here’s just 10 reasons why – oh and they are in no particular order.

1. The feel of the air – I’m not sure what it is exactly but I suspect it’s the humidity that creates a unique feel in the air. I smell and feel it immediately after getting off the plane and long for it once I arrive back in Victoria.

2. The abundance of activities to do – from skydiving… scuba diving… jet skiing… abseiling… yachting… tree climbing… sky railing… sea walker helmet diving… fly boarding… paddle boarding… helicopter riding… snorkeling… sky walking… horse-riding… hot air-ballooning… and white water rafting.  I just feel like a kid in a lolly shop. I think the lolly shop may be that little bit kinder on my purse however.

3. The Great Barrier Reef – could there possibly be a more beautiful place than the Great Barrier Reef? With around 900 islands, including coral cays such as Green Island and Heron Island, along with the Whitsundays’ sand islands, it’s truly the most amazingly beautiful place I have experienced.  I can’t begin to describe the serenity that you feel when you dive off a boat and swim among these islands.

4. The sea turtles
are a favorite of mine; the sea turtles that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef include the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, hawksbill turtle, flatback turtle, leatherback turtle and the Pacific Ridley turtle. My favorite spot for this was Green Island, where they come up so close.

5. The presence of the crocodiles – although I have only seen these majestic creatures at the Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park (thank god), and would only want to see them there, I love seeing them in real life as opposed to on some television documentary. They are eerily fascinating.

6. The Palm Trees – Palm trees are an instant connection to Tropical North Queensland for me.  They are everywhere in Cairns and make a stunning photo with the ocean in the background.  The locals who have them in their gardens however, say they are very high maintenance which surprised me.  There’s always a cost I guess.

7. Kuranda Village & the Tropical Rainforest – Every time I visit Cairns I love a ride on the Skyrail gondola up above the rainforest canopy to Kuranda Village. It’s what Cairns is all about to me, tropical natural environments.  I love a good amble around the market in Kuranda Village, it has some pretty unique things to buy and I like bringing back something as a memory of this gorgeous village.

8. Cairns Boardwalk – The Cairns boardwalk has such a chilled out, ‘I am on holidays’ feel about it.  People are scattered all around the beautiful pool and on the green grass just having fun times.  Restaurants and cafes are full of friendly staff and food options are abundant.

9. The Cairns Nightlife – Streets are always buzzing, the nights are warm and bars and eateries are plentiful. I love to go to the Pier Bar and Grill when I am in town, the view is amazing and food and atmosphere perfect for my taste.

10. The many events and markets to see – Cairns seems to be a hub for some pretty cool events and always has lots of markets on.  I’ve managed to be there for the Cairns Show, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and the Mareeba Rodeo, all usually held in July.   There are also many markets I love going to.  The Cairns night market is my favorite and it’s open every day of the year from 5pm.  I love the clothing, jewellery and food.  Again, it’s one of the many things that makes Cairns my favorite destination.