Do you need a holiday?

There are often many signs that alert a person to the fact that they urgently need to get away and take a break.  Here’s just a few of our favorite indicators:
1. You can’t seem to shake that annoying cold and it’s freezing outside
A dirty rotten cold could be the body’s way of saying ‘take me to the sunshine where I will soak up the Vitamin D and nourish my tired self.’  It is estimated that up to 90% of vitamin D comes from the sun, so it certainly makes sense that during the colder months this urge to escape becomes intensified as the body just isn’t getting what it needs.

2. When you are hitting that snooze button far too much and finding yourself running late every morning
There’s a point where everyone becomes jack of the daily routine of  Nothing like a holiday to break the monotony, reboot and bounce back with a new enthusiasm that will have you jumping out of bed at that first buzz.

3. When you find yourself being the gumpiest person at work, at home and wherever you go
It may take some time to actually realise that you are the grumpiest at this point, as you’re most likely looking at external causes to blame for feeling so crap.  However, something may happen that makes you conscious enough to see that you are really not coping with all those small things anymore.  That’s a sure sign that it’s time to escape and take a break from life’s many pressures.

4. When you have hit email overload, text fatigue and want to flush your mobile down a toilet
Sounds extreme but I think everyone has a moment (or many) where they need to shut down and almost hide from the electronic devices that seem to have attached to us all.  A good way to cope with this feeling is to do just that, take some leave – divert your calls and leave your computer behind as you go and get that rest and relaxation you absolutely need.

5. When your relationship with your partner, family or friend needs some new memories and bonding time
When you feel your closest relationships are flat and the laughter shared is dwindling away, it’s time to experience something amazing together, something that forms part of the many memories that keep you bonded for life.  That’s the time to book a holiday together not when the relationship is starting to break down.  So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms as you read this, a holiday may be the remedy for you!