Why Cairns is an Adrenaline Seeker’s heaven – Part 1 of Blog


Adrenalin seekers from all over the globe are drawn to Far North Queensland to experience that hair-raising adventure they can’t get enough of.

Not only do they get an awesome variety of options to get their heart rate soaring but they also get to do it in the most luscious tropical surrounds, some of which are World Heritage listed!!!

So push me past my fear zone and spoil me with the best of locations please…an understandable magnet don’t you think?

So what are some of these Adrenalin injecting experiences being offered here in Tropical North Queensland? Here are just 5 but there will be a Part 2 of this blog coming soon which will mention more…they are not in any particular order…

1. The highest tandem Skydive in Australia…free falling over the top of the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef at up to 220kms an hour…yes please!!

2. Fly along a high ropes course and stare a giant four-metre saltwater crocodile known as Goliath straight in the eye. Fear here is that the rope will break and you’ll end up being Goliath’s next meal…bring it on I say!!

3. Race along the world’s only flying fox that allows hands free. It runs along the canopy of the beautiful World Heritage listed Daintree forest and is a truly fun and exciting way to see this awesome forest…who needs to hold on when you need speed???

4. Battle one of the 10 best mountain bike tracks in Australia…at night!! With just the moonlight above and a little light from your helmet torch you’ll fly down these rocky rainforest tracks with your heart pumping out of your chest…just what an adrenalin seeker needs!!!

5. Bungy jump from Australia’s only Bungy Tower – the AJ Hackett 50 meter tower in Cairns. There are 16 different jump styles to choose from and an amazing view of the northern beaches…well that’s dependent on you being brave enough to look before you take that final breath and jump…I’m shaking at the thought!!!

So get out there and get your heart rate up…know that you are alive!!!

Look out for our next blog (coming soon) for another 5 awesome, adrenaline packed things to do in Tropical North Queensland!!!